Friday, June 12, 2009

Technology is a great way to attract younger prospects.

Companies are targeting a younger and younger demographic. After all, this generation is the future. But what is it that drives this unique group? 

First, they have an innate sense for technology. Even as youngsters, they knew where that damn invisible mushroom was in the Mario & Luigi games. How? Who knows. Maybe there was some kind of brain infusion prior to birth by some alien visitors. They have an affinity for doing business using the most advanced tools technology has to offer. They know inherently how to really make them work. Second, they have a seemingly bottomless storehouse of energy to focus on their goals. It's wise to tap into that energy source.

So how do we attract this very vital resource? Offer them advanced tools and they will come. That's why we're being deluged with technology solutions that address a wide range of direct selling efforts. Sure, it's still a person-to-person industry, but these tools make it extremely easy and efficient for someone to build a business faster and bigger.

Don't be shy. Explore what's out there. Open your mind as to how your organization can incorporate these tools and make them available to the field. The world is moving on. Get on board sooner rather than later.

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