Friday, June 12, 2009

Nikken Selects Media Center As Its Online Multimedia Communications Platform

Nikken, a leading global wellness company, has implemented RoqLogic’s new media solution targeted at the direct-selling industry as its online multimedia communications platform. The RoqLogic Media Center provides an effective way for Nikken distributors to access and publish rich media content over the Internet.
“For us, it was the answer to the ongoing struggle between brand building, brand protection and effective field communication,” said Doug Braun, President of Nikken, International. “We have a significant investment in digital assets that were underutilized, but are accessible by the field with the click of a mouse for powerful personalized communications." 

Direct-selling companies typically generate massive amounts of promotional materials (video, audio, print, etc.) but have difficulty maintaining their timeliness and availability. They are not only costly to produce, but are expensive and logistically difficult to distribute. Distributors, however, have a direct need for content that reaches out to customers, prospects and peers within their organizations. That means having unfettered access to the corporately produced material.  

The Media Center is designed to bring these two forces together in a powerful, synergistic manner. It establishes an online media community where video, audio and images are centrally stored and organized. The real power of the software is that it links this robust pool of assets to a building and publishing environment where distributors can create, customize, personalize, email, share and track high-quality online presentations and eCards.

Over the past decade, RoqLogic has been involved in the production of rich media for the direct-selling industry. This provided a unique insight into the distinct multimedia and communication needs within a network.  The Media Center directly addresses those needs.

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