Friday, June 19, 2009

Prospecting is Step One. Follow-up is Step Two!

Finding prospects is critical. It's someone you met at Starbucks. It's the parent of your son's pal. It's the result of some intense exploration and due diligence. But now you've made a connection... someone who reciprocated! So how do you nurture that relationship without being a pest? That's the dance.

FInd your voice.
Let them know you're still there. You're still interested. Offer help or advice without asking for something in return. But don't be afraid to tout your wares. It may take 4 or 5 times (or more) before you make any headway. The Internet allows you to do that in very sophisticated ways (if you're smart about it). Don't misuse the medium by overstepping your bounds. Use it to lay out your message in a friendly, non-obtrusive manner.

Use appropriate tools.
There are countless tools available to the direct marketer. It can be as simple as your email application. Or your website. There are more elegant solutions such as Constant Contact that allows you to send personalized eCards. There are other tools that are adopted by your company to really personalize and customize your efforts... and take advantage of the wealth of rich media assets. Here's where I toot my own horn. Our Media Center tool opens a very wide door to that capability. It could be considered Constant Contact on steroids (with all due respect to Constant Contact). Check us out. If your company does not offer the Media Center, let them know about it. It's a sweet deal for both the company and its distributors.

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  1. The hardest part about followup is recognizing that you are not the most important thing in someone else's world. Just because they don't call you back right away doesn't mean they are not interested, it just means they have other things going on. You can really use a tool like The Media Center to stay in touch with them. Send a birthday card, a "just thinking of you" card, or just drop them a card to say "have a good day".

    Through it all they'll be hearing from you. When the time is right - you'll get a chance to share your product or idea with them.